Crane for Hire Melbourne

Mobile Crane Hire for all large-scale infrastructure projects.

The experience and equipment you need to get the job done on time,
on budget, and to the strictest safety standards.

Extensive Crane Fleet

Your project needs met. From 650t crawler to 4t Mini Crawler and Crane Trucks, expertly maintained for safety and reliability.

Experienced Crew

Crane Drivers, Riggers and Dogmen. Experienced, skilled and available for to ensure your project runs smoothly.

Heavy Haulage

Utilise our capable heavy haulage fleet to support your crane hire requirements from Tilt Tray up to 75T loads.

Need Quality and Service For Your Next Project?

We will lift the load off your shoulders by providing a solutions-first approach and providing fast response times, adaptability, and flexibility in all communications.

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Rail Crane Hire

The value of being able to foresee problems and plan tasks effectively allows us to execute jobs in a safe and timely manner even in the most arduous conditions.

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Roads Crane Hire

You can rely on our ability to plan and execute large complex lifts in difficult conditions. Precast super t beams, steel trough girders, prefabricated pedestrian bridges and modular section bridges are all in a days work at Metcalf Crane Services.

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Wind Crane Hire

Gearbox replacements, main shaft repairs and blade tip repairs are just some of the maintenance tasks completed. Construction capability is just a phone call away with our 600t Demag ideally suited to wind farm construction.

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Water Crane Hire

From tunnelling, to treatment plants to pipelines, the opportunities in water infrastructure are significant at Metcalf Crane Services. A reliable workforce and modern equipment make us an easy choice for the contractors tasked with building and maintaining water resources.

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Telco Crane Hire

Long boom configurations, readiness to mobilise to regional areas, and flexibility around telco outages are some of the reasons telecommunications providers work with us. In-house transportation ensures you get first-class service in the telco space.

Lifting Solutions

Crane Hire Specialists

Metcalf Crane Services offers mobile crane for hire services for a broad range of applications throughout Melbourne and its surrounding suburbs, with a fully trained and qualified operator included in each rental.

We concentrate on fulfilling the requirements of individuals in the arboriculture and construction business, but we can handle all types of light and large goods for just about any project.

Our cranes are adaptable and come equipped with characteristics that allow them to efficiently conduct lifts anywhere, particularly in places where access is difficult or restricting.

Whether it’s a tiny one-off job or a long-term crane hire, we will follow our strict four-step crane-for-hire procedure to guarantee that your lifting requirements are fulfilled in a safe, efficient and dependable manner.

Do you have a lifting job outside of Melbourne? No worries! With the aid of our Prime Mover, we can carry our cranes anywhere in VIC to tackle your crane hiring demands.



Why Choose Us?

Our focus is on quality and getting the job done right, the first time. Occasionally, this makes us appear more expensive than our competitors. The reality is that cutting corners can lead to budget blowout by failing to plan adequately, running overtime, or worse yet; accidents and safety hazards. Getting the job done right, the first time avoids these unplanned costs and often ends up being the more cost-effective option in the long run. 

Inefficiencies add unexpected costs to your project which can blow out budgets and result in stress and safety management issues. We operate with top-level efficiency from the lift planning stage all the way through to execution. It is through this efficiency at every step that we ensure your project is delivered on time and on budget, ensuring you get value for money, and no nasty surprises.

With over 26 years of industry experience, we’ve seen and managed it all. Your project will run smoothly because even if the unexpected happens, we take it in our stride and come up with solutions. There is no challenge too great. 

We take full responsibility for the craneage component of your project. Need to move the crane due to last-minute changes? No problem. Need to move the project forward due to upcoming inclement weather? No problem. You can rely on us to work with you at every step to ensure your project is completed without a hitch. 

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  • Mission
  • Vision

To be the market leader in lifting solutions, providing a reliable, low-risk, strong compliance option for all major infrastructure projects in industries such as rail, roads, wind, and tunnels. 

We are committed to providing a positive impact on communities by supporting progress. 

Our mission is to get the job done. 

Lifting the load.

To lift the load from the community by assisting progress in the form of upgraded roads, rail and transport systems, improved infrastructure, and minimal disruptions during construction. 

To lift the load from our clients by providing a solutions-first approach and committing ourselves to providing fast response times, adaptability and flexibility in all communications.


All the information you need about the latest engineering advancements, newest products, recent projects, industry news, and more. 

Heavy Lift Specialists

Lifting the load with care and experience.

Your heavy lift project is in good hands with our extensive crane fleet and experienced crew ideally suited to complex and heavy lifts.
All heavy lift projects are guided by our dedicated Heavy Lift Manager to ensure seamless delivery.

Overcoming Challenges

Common heavy lift challenges include harsh time constraints resulting from tight occupations (road and rail), and ALBF requirements. Site and environmental requirements with different industries and changing landscapes add to the challenge of managing heavy lifts.

Innovative Solutions

Your Heavy Lift Manager will utilise their experience and first-hand knowledge of operating large cranes and complex rigging to minimise risks. This is achieved by identifying the project’s critical path and its delivery, structured and methodical planning, and a broad understanding of building and construction.


We travel Australia-wide to ensure your job is completed safely, reliably and effectively. 

Crane size is calculated based on the weight, radius and height of the load. We take a variety of factors into account such as the number of lift points, ground bearing pressure and wind speed. The best way to find out the size crane you need? Contact us!

With over 26 years experience we offer a wide range of expertise including bridges, wind turbine construction, wind turbine maintenance, rail machine lifting and transport, beam installation for road widening, and a variety of major infrastructure projects.  

The ground will need to be strong enough to support the crane while driving into position. We have a wide variety of bogmats that can be used to distribute the weight and reduce ground bearing pressure under the outriggers once the crane has been set up.

Contact us to discuss your specific requirements.  

A dogman is a qualified worker employed to assist with a variety of tasks such as setting up the crane and hooking up the load. They are an essential asset to assist the crane driver. Our Dogmen and Riggers are qualified, experienced, familiar with our equipment and can drive our gear trucks loaded with crane equipment such as bogmats and chains to site.  

We price each project individually to ensure you get the best value. Contact for a free quote. 

Our Operations team keep their finger on the button when it comes to our equipment. Call +61 3 9308 0044 to get to-the-minute information about equipment availability. 

A minimum of 24 hours notice is ideal for crane hire.
Our emergency service is available 24/7

Need to book a crane? Call us on +61 3 9308 0044.

We provide a vast range of lifting and rigging equipment included in our crane hire cost. Specialised rigging equipment such as a sling spreader bar, 300t modular bar, etc. can be provided at an additional cost. Contact us for advice about your specialised rigging requirements.

Generally speaking, our smaller cranes (100t and below) can be set up in less than an hour. Larger cranes can vary depending on site conditions such as ease of access and the number of trucks required for each piece of equipment with counterweight and components. Contact us for a free estimate.  


"The team was outstanding in collaborating to come up with a suitable method to install the bridge. Site constraints and the rail corridor environment was the key challenge. [...] The Metcalf team knew their cranes capabilities back to front which was essential in mitigating major risks and to set the project up for success.
David Chuong, Western Program Alliance
Senior Project Engineer
"The Metcalf crew were an absolute pleasure to work with. We had no issues at all and their cranes lifting gear and equipment were all in 100% condition. We had numerous dual and triple lifts all without an issue ,very well set up and co ordinated. Their safety and communication was at the highest standard at all times."
Jeff Trewin, Western Program Alliance
"I was immensely proud of ... Metcalf [Crane Services] and how they continually come up with solutions to complex problems".
Farid Islam, John Holland Group


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